Sony Alpha a99 II Handling

Sony Alpha a99 II Handling

Sony Alpha a99 II is quite heavy, but it has a large, molded grip with a texture coating that makes it feel pretty comfortable in the hand. based on a hands-on introduction of Sony Alpha a99 II, there are many things for the first impression. There are lots of direct controls scattered across the camera’s body, which speeds up making settings changes. we found oddities in this camera like a button on the back. This button gives access to the Smart Teleconverter – a type of digital zoom. We said that this is odd because this camera is designed for use by serious photographers. but this is not too bad since it is customizable which can be used to magnify a section of the screen when focusing manually.

Sony Alpha a99 II Buttons

There is a window on the top of the camera that display certain key settings, handy for quickly knowing how the camera has been set up. When in darker conditions, this is much helpful as you can illuminate the window via a button also found on the top of the camera. Across the top plate there is a number of other direct-access buttons, including those to change ISO, drive mode, exposure compensation and white balance. This camera is intended for a top-end audience, seems from the number of buttons and dials on this camera. If you look at the rear of the camera, you will find more controls; one that is particularly useful is the joystick, which you can use to set the AF point. At this time, there is a descent widespread of AF points across the frame with its 79 hybrid Cross-Type AF points available, along with 399 supporting points. You should not have to spend too much time focusing and recomposing with this Sony a99 camera with a total of 323 which are selectable, and there is good coverage. Because of its translucent mirror design, this camera is essentially always shooting in live view. This enables you to see what you are photographing on the screen at all times.

Sony Alpha a99 II Screen

The screen of Sony Alpha a99 II is a slightly odd-looking beast, but that works very well to provide flexibility of viewing angles. Sony with its new camera acknowledges that having a fixed screen can sometimes prove awkward when you are photographing from a less straightforward position. The screen on a99 II can move to the side, down, and even face completely forward-ideal in many situation, including the selfie.

There is also a rather unusual button and dial Silent multi-controller on the front of the camera beneath the lens release. It is a button and dial setup that you can use to change certain function of the camera. This can be customized to access different features when shooting video and still photos. This button and dial setup is customizable, and is something that videographer will appreciate which can be setup to work completely silently and therefore not disturb any video footage you may be recording. Unfortunately, there is something that may disturb you; the scrolling dial on the top of the camera that you may traditionally use to set aperture makes a clicking when you move it. In addition to the lengthy standard menu, there is a Function menu that is accessed by pressing the Fn button on the back of the camera. we found that the image format is an annoying omission, because features such as picture effect and auto portrait framing can’t be used when shooting raw files. There is an error message explains this, telling you that the options are selected when shooting raw images. But you have to delve more into the main menu to change to JPEG only shooting.

Sony Alpha a99 Viewfinder

The large, high-resolution viewfinder on the a99 II provides a great view of the scene that displays hardly any shutter lag. With this viewfinder, you can even shoot at up to 8 fps and maintain continuous live view.  Sony also has reworked its menu system to be more sensibly arranged, grouping together features and functions to save you having to figure out where to find the particular setting you want to use. Sadly, Sony hasn’t given the Sony Alpha a99 a ‘my menu’ screen to assign favorite or most commonly used features to. Although it seems weird that the Function menu can’t be customized, but there are lots of customization options available for the buttons. There are many great specifications that gives great performance for use of professional photography. Well, it is not really perfect design but more than enough to be excellent for use of professional photography.