Most Favorite New Features of Sony Alpha a99 II

Most Favorite New Features of Sony Alpha a99 II

Sony Alpha a99 II has a 42.0MP Full frame (35.9 x 24 mm) size BSI-CMOS sensor and features Bionz X processor. with all these on the camera, allow you to shoot at maximum resolution of 7952 x 5304 pixels with aspect ratios of 3:2 and 16:9. There is an ISO range of 50-102400 on the a99 II that can save files in RAW format so that you have a wider room for post processing. Sony Alpha a99 II is designed and packed full of great specifications & performance and new features. The new features of the new camera are divided into three, there are some of these are totally new features and there are some which are new to full-frame and others features are new to A-mount. Here in this post, we are presenting most new favorite features on Sony Alpha a99 II.

Totally new features of Sony Alpha a99 II  

1. Shoot 42.4 MP at 12 FPS

Fast AF/AE tracking at up to 12 FPS. This is totally new features of Sony Alpha a99 II. This new camera is the first full-frame camera over 24mp to offer 12 fps continuous shooting. With its fastest processor ever, it allows you to shoot 50 continuous frames of full res RAW + Jpeg before hitting the buffer. The speed is slightly more than a 4-second burst.
You have to note that it requires serious processing power and speed for continuous shooting while maintaining reliable AF and AE tracking, and with Sony’s fastest processor ever, a99 II is able to do this with a 42.4 effective megapixel image sensor that allows high-speed readout, BIONZ X processing, and a newly developed front-end LSI for controlled noise processing at higher resolution. Sony also has redesigned the shutter unit for faster response. All these improvements work with Hybrid Phase Detection AF that enables the camera to have continuous auto focus and auto exposure at up to 12 fps.

2. Flicker-Free Shooting

This is one of totally new features of Sony Alpha a99 II. You need to know that flicker from fluorescent light and other artificial lighting can ruin still images if it and the shutter timing are out of sync. With this new feature, a99 II can automatically detect flicker and adjust shutter timing to minimize its bad effect. The new feature can reduce the exposure and color anomalies that can occur at the top and bottom of images shot at high shutter speeds, as are exposure and color inconsistencies between continuous shots.

3. Image Storage Selection for PC Remote

This new totally feature is also one of favorite new features of Sony Alpha a99 II. This feature works when the camera is tethered to a computer, where still images can be stored in the camera as well as on the computer so they can be reviewed without having to leave the camera position. But when you are shooting RAW+JPEG, it is only possible to transfer the JPEG files to the computer to reduce data volume and allow transferred images to be reviewed almost immediately.

4. New Metering Modes & Improved Spot Metering

This also a great totally new feature of Sony Alpha a99 II. With this totally new option on the camera, you are allowed to select between Highlight Weighted Mode and Full-frame Average Mode. With the improvement of Spot Metering of a99 allows you to link the metering spot to focus area and Spot Metering Area can be set Standard or Large.

5. Fast and Slow HD Video Recording Modes

It is amazing that this totally new feature of Sony Alpha a99 II offers for 5X Extreme Slow Motion and 1 FPS for Time Lapse HD video recording.

New to A-mount features of Sony Alpha a99 II

1. XGA OLED Tru-Finder with Zeiss T* Coatings

This feature is new to A-mount of Sony Alpha a99 II. The new camera gets the top-of-the-line XGA OLED 0.78 Magnification Tru-Finder with a high-resolution, high-contrast organic light-emitting diode EVF found in a7RII and a7SII. A viewfinder magnification function of the camera provides up to 15.5x magnification to precise manual focus.

2. S-Gamus/S-Log and Gamma Display Assist

Sony Alpha a99 II now includes S-Log3 gamma as its new feature to A-mount making wide dynamic range shooting (1300%) possible without blown highlights or blocked shadows. With Gamma Display Assist, you are allowed to view images with natural contrast while recording in S-Log gamma setting, converting S-Log2 and S-Log3 into ITU709 (800%) gamma for monitoring* images, or checking focus while enlarging an image on the LCD screen or viewfinder.

3. Embed Your Copyright Notice

This feature is first introduced in a7RII, and now it is one of new features to A-mount of Sony Alpha a99 II that allows you to save your copyright notice into the copyright field of your EXIF metadata of your photos so it is there right from the start in case you forget to add it later.

4. 4K Recording

Sony Alpha a99 II allows you record 4K video from the Full Width of the full-frame sensor where the other DSLRs don’t have this feature. You can also select to shoot over-sampled 4K in Super35 crop mode with full pixel readout and no pixel blinning or line-skipping.

5. Reliable Low-Light AF Down to EV -4

Capturing image or recording a video in low light can be a challenge for many autofocus system. Fortunately, Sony Alpha a99 II maintains reliable, accurate autofocus right down to EV-4 brightness levels at the dedicated phase detection AF sensor’s central focus point. This great feature is matching with the performance of Sony’s low-light monsters a7S & a7SII. With all these, you are allowed to take full advantage of the camera’s excellent low-light imaging capability with uncompromised AF performance even when you are shooting or recording near darkness at high ISO.

6. First Full-frame DSLR with 5-axis In-Body Image Stabilization

Sony includes a brand-new full-frame optical 5-axis in-body image stabilization system developed specifically for A-mount cameras on Sony Alpha a99 II. Developed 5-axis image stabilization not only helps to realize the full resolution potential of the body’s 42.4-megapixel sensor, but also works effectively for videos as well as stills. This system that has been redesigned implements precision gyro sensors that are capable of accurately detecting even the smallest camera motions that might cause blur, providing up to a 4.5 step shutter speed advantage.

7. Shoot 42.4 MP at 12 FPS

Live View with Minimal Lag at up to 8 FPS with AF/AE tracking. This is actually new in A-mount that allow you to use live view while shooting continuously at up to 8 FPS with full AF and AE tracking with Sony Alpha a99 II. Display lag of a99 II is very small that viewing is essentially no different from an optical viewfinder. You can set continuous live view shooting speed to 8 fps, 6 fps, or 4 fps to match a variety of subject you want to capture with.

New features to Full-frame of Sony Alpha a99 II

1. Hybrid Phase Detection AF

Sony Alpha a99 II becomes the first full-frame camera to get 4D predictive focus. A99 II Hybrid Phase Detection AF combines a dedicated 79-point Phase Detection AF module with the large 399-point on-sensor PDAF system found I a7RII and RX1R for the best focus tracking ever. Usually Dual-Pixel AF systems found in DSLRs can only use one system or the other, we never found both together in DSLRs. Unlike the other DSLRs, Sony’s Hybrid Phase Detection AF system uses both system together continuously. Sony a99 II is also unlike DSLRs, it focuses with both systems continuously even when the camera is recording. This is because of Sony a99 II features translucent mirror cameras. With this excellent combination on the camera, you are allowed to continuously track moving subjects at a high rate of speed with extreme accuracy although the moving subjects are in challenging lighting conditions. You will be amazed with its results.

2. Eye Focus

This new feature is smart and excellent where Eye AF automatically detects and focuses on the ideal focus point for portraits; the subject’s eye. This new feature to full-frame of Sony a99 provides reliable detection within the relatively narrow depth of field of the full-frame sensor. With this feature, the detected eye is indicated in the viewfinder for pre-shoot confirmation. You can assign Eye AF to a custom button for quick access when needed so that it is easily to access. You can learn tips and tricks to use a99 II to know more detail of applying the camera’s features.